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We walked down the street to the deli and ordered sandwiches and ate them in the park. After lunch, we walked down the street in arrears towards Butch’s store. I was sipping a Coke while Butch had a smoke.

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Greg turned to Carrie’s voice to rouse her motionless at the bottom of the staircase tapping her foot in impatience. She called to Francis,
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Russell and Jenny came into the room. “That was a good bust this morning but I’ve had to reword my whodunit a little because the official release mentioned only one Kilo of heroin, now I know that there was much more than that in the heap when Frankie was stopped. I don’t suppose that I would be right in assuming that the put of the haul will be hitting the streets as we speak, would I?”

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“I’ll be in the car, Philip,” Mom said as she gave Dad a scowl. She turned on her heels and walked away.
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“Laura’s in the bath, wringing wet. I can assure you, she’s better than alright at the twinkling of an eye,” Gray said. The manager scowled at the counter-statement and opened his mouth to protest. “Laura love, the manager to the hotel is here, can you call out so we know that you’re okay in there?” Gray called.

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When the microwave turned off, Suzanne took her plate and sat down at the kitchen token. A half a second later, Tuptim jumped up on the stool next to her. The tip of her nose edged just throughout the counter. Suzanne gave her a signal look. “You know the rules,” Suzanne said decisively. Her cat knew better than to get up on the counter, but sporadically she checked to make sure the rules hadn’t changed. Satisfied that she would stay on the stool, Suzanne began to break bread.
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