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“Oh,” said Jim and was calm too. He looked down and then finally back at Colby. “Heed, I don’t care if you and Suzanne are involved. I can’t lose you.”

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Hoshito was surprised to meet with her; Eliza and John came into town to do the shopping, leaving her at home watching the girls or at Pearl with Jim.
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Suzanne was quiet. There were so many ways to take that question. Looking down at Tuptim, she tried to focus. “I’m okay. Compelling each day as it comes.”

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“That’s what elasticity should be like,” Suzanne thought. For the most part a memory like that would spark a wave of depression. Today, with Colby peacefully sleeping next to her, she could check it off. It wasn’t quite cheerfulness, but it was much better than her normal despair. It took longer than it had in compensation Colby, but eventually Suzanne fell asleep too.
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“Danielle has the flu,” Caitlin answered. “Do you want to depict me what’s eating you?” Caitlin asked softly.

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Suzanne smiled. “To new friends,” she echoed.
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The two of them took another sip of their drinks and started to chat. Every once in a while when Colby’s regard was distracted, Suzanne stole a look over at the block. Often it seemed like Sandy could sense it, because she would look up and get that little smile. It wasn’t every time, but it unnerved Suzanne a speck. After a infinitesimal while, she made an extenuation that she needed to use the ladies room. In genuineness, she mostly needed to regain a little composure.

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Christmas morning, 1931
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