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“I think she’s seen us, sir,” Mr. Martin said. “A frigate. She’s throwin’ out signals.”

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She was met with a gale of laughter from her sister.
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“I dono…I didn’t expect it I assumption. But then again you have an infamous way of continuing up to people. Dumping trays of food on them, profession them selfish psycho bitches…you know, the stereotypical,” he said, laughing. She glared at him and threw another box to him.

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Jim’s talk of war continued to disturb her and dulled her enthusiasm from the morning. She prayed he was wrong but then, she remembered, he was not till hell freezes over wrong. It might take a while before his predictions came true but they always did. The very thought made her shake and as she looked at the box of Hershey’s on her lap, she started to cry. Her beget was crumbling ’round her and there was nothing she could do.
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“This chap is involuntary, could you go down the road and call for the police and ambulance?”

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“The reverend’s chain is coming, if you can wait.”
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