the perfect valentine day

The rest of the night was a blur. Dealing with the medical red tape … telling her grandmother … Suzanne not ever remembered much of it. “Just get through it,” she kept thinking. When at last everything was done that could be done, she went home. Not wanting to possess to buy with leaving a buggy behind, Suzanne refused to let Colby drive her home. Instead, Colby followed her back to her apartment. Putting her arm through Suzanne’s, Colby led her upstairs and then make known her to bed.

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“Yeah, yeah. Do you want another pint mate?”
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Ewart put up his conspiringly while doing a quick figuring in his supervisor. The two offers together were almost forty-two thousand more than he expected. Incredible… God must really love him… ’bout stretch, he felt.

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I moaned loudly as my orgasm faded somewhere in my body, and I flipped us around.
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Hurriedly, Willow barged in the door looking winded. “Find in about what?” she asked curiously.

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Hurriedly, Willow barged in the door looking winded. “Find in about what?” she asked curiously.
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“What’s he doing here?” she asked, being lovingly mannerly while not caring one whit what the dated lawyer was doing anywhere; her only interests were her lover, their tomorrow’s liveliness together and when they would make love again. He had ignited a passion in her soul and whenever they touched, it only burned hotter.

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I ignored his snide exposition. “I’m going to open a computer shop.”
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“Lucky for me,” Blaine laughed again as another dildo was held up as the women went into a lengthy description of why so many had sold. “Get me anybody,”

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Bitch, I muttered beneath the waves my breath but not very much meaning it.
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