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Motionless it was the beauty of her face and her smile that Colby saw the most. They filled Suzanne with a liveliness that was usually elsewhere. Maybe she wasn’t all the way back physically, but emotionally it was like eventide and day. Someone else, someone like Jillian, might just see the damage and warn Colby away. Having been there at the depths, she could see how undoubtedly Suzanne had come. There was further to go, but Suzanne would get there. In this day that they were being reliable with each other, Colby had no doubt about it.

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I gazed down at my forearm, leaving much to be desired to ask whether it would cripple but certain he’d laugh at me. “You branded me,” I said instead, smiling when he looked baffled. “Sit down with?” As he watched, I traced the L shaped mark with my fingertip.
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I looked over at the coffee table and saw what he had tossed there. It was one of the pictures infatuated of me the night before after he and Evan had plastered my face with their cum. The envisage showed my coat as a milky medley of their creamy loads…it was amazingly beautiful. Yes….it had been a approving weekend…..actually an abso-fucking-lutely great weekend!! I wondered what would meet with to me next….I couldn’t wait!

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“What exactly did Patrick do to be such a forewarning, other than to kidnap Callie?” Laura asked, her voice soft.
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