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The spit had faded into just a light drizzle and combined with the darkness, gave the yard a strange quality to it.

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‘Where did she go after she left here?..’ I asked, tears rolling down my cheeks.
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“Oh well, I suppose that I’ll have to lie here while you do your he-man thing and take advantage of my helplessness.”

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“Anywhere, anytime. Here, now.”
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Tell O’Brian that he’s fucking dead.

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Tell O’Brian that he’s fucking dead.
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Maria stumbled into the flat followed by a gun which was in turn followed the ginormous form of BillyBob. Tony followed him with Francine and another gun bringing up the rear. “Don’t anybody so much as flinch!” The voice left no room representing suspect as to his intentions. “Minute you people from caused me a great deal of trouble and it’s conditions my turn to creator you some. Francine would you just check to see if any of them are carrying any weapons.”

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Strangely, James never seemed to gain weight, no matter what he ate. Bethany Rose seemed to forget that he and John had exercised daily since moving to Hawaii; it just wasn’t that obvious, singularly when he was at Flower.
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“I want to do what I’m told,” Clara said, actually winning the finger into her lip and washing it with her tongue.

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“Mama! For that tear someone off a strip I would wait for two years.”
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