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“Cass,” a high-pitched share squeaked into the receiver, “Where are you? Dave is already here and has been asking about you.”

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“Yes,” Colby answered.
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“It feels so right,” Suzanne whispered.

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“All the more reason to let me ease some tension.” Rory shot her a grin while he started a slow crawl across the sectional. A few seconds later and he was hovering over her, nudging Jill’s legs open with his knee.
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Caroline blushed, both because of Philip’s reference and because she finally recognized the gentleman who had spoken when the two men approached.

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“Get out,” she said coldly, her voice shaking with anger. “Just go–and never conclude back.” And ignoring him as he staggered doused of the room, she impetuous onward, her huge belly swaying as she ran. “Becky! Oh God, are you all right?”
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