rose valentines day

Jay and I had set a humanity-pounding pace and I slowly began to clench my pussy walls around his cock.

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“Shhhhh, Bethany Rose. I’m in love with you, don’t you know?”
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Finally, Suzanne felt the orgasm initiate to fade. The fog in her brain drifted away and she could think again. Her whole body felt wishy-washy gutless, as if she had finished a race. Her hips sagged down onto the bed. One hand reached out to mark Colby’s head. Scarcely reluctantly, Colby stopped playing with Suzanne’s body. Instead, she gave Suzanne’s thighs light and loving kisses. She could strike one them quivering, betraying just how weak Suzanne was at that moment. Lifting up her genius, she looked at her lover. The look on Colby’s face was unbelievably smug.

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Chad, Katie, Dent, and Kyle banded together against him and Thomas. He knew the husbands wanted to make sure their pregnant wife didn’t out-herod herod it and Blaine was fairly sure Chad wanted to balance out some old scores against Thomas. So there they were a pixie and a giant, they didn’t stand a turn!
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“No you berk, the car.”

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“We should do this more often,” I said, leaning my head reject against John’s shoulder.
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