romantic valentine day quotes

“It was, but now it’s ours.”

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“How do you not talk to your twin sister for three years?” I asked.
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“It’s going to be okay Cal. You can do this,” Olivia told her daughter.

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“And…” he paused. “I broke up with Olivia.”
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“You are either a extremely smart man or moral plain stupid. I haven’t unconditional which yet. If you’re as good as my boys say you are, I can give you a job in my organisation. I want someone who can deliver parcels around town. For the nonce and then the law takes a slight interest in my activities so I’m looking for someone who won’t get caught and if he does get caught can keep his pertness eliminate and who won’t ask stupid questions.”

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“The whole of the Italian community, or at least it seems that way, are massing for vengeance.”
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