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“I’m dismal, I didn’t understand.”

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The woman turned to Clara and Charity with a kind of relief grin on her face:
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“You extraordinarily do love my brother, don’t you?” Jen asked Butch quietly from the back seat.

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She swiftly dropped what she was doing and began walking towards him. His nerves had been on edge these previous couple months, and now his heart was starting to pound. Being ‘just friends’ with Lili was proving to be harder than he expected. And why was she looking at him like that?! She abruptly bent down to the box he had tossed aside and started opening it. She stared at the contents of the box not saying anything for a minute.
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I clutched my bedsheets tighter to me. Seconds later, my world was black.

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I clutched my bedsheets tighter to me. Seconds later, my world was black.
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Sir Edward guilelessly smiled.

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Adrian coughed, and sat up on the concrete. He noted two unmoving bodies face down in the dark. “This wasn’t you.” He coughed again, and slapped his own case. “You…you knew this was going to betide, though.”
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