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“I’m fine,” Callia retorted stubbornly.

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“I hope that you’re upper. The last thing we want is for something to go wrong at this tip in prematurely.”
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He was happy to descry her exactly where he had left her. “I’ve got your chocolate,” he said, stating the obvious. “Are you ready to go?”

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As he turned to escort his prisoner from the allowance he turned to the three men. “You aren’t serious there retiring now are you?”
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‘It’s you… It’s us.. I need you.. Oh suit be with me..’

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“You’re supposed to be naked. We’re on our honeymoon,” he grinned and slipped his hands into the tight coal-black boxers, gripping the soft shaft tightly.
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“It doesn’t matter, it’s not that important. I want you to slip over to the Stock-in-trade and pick up that box in the safe and bring it back here, when you get it back I want you to receipt all the circuits, detonators and timing mechanism to make unswerving that it is working. We don’t want to be experiencing anything go wrong at this call.”

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“Great! I’ll let him know.”
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