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He relaxed in the chair for a few more minutes in front of he started to hear yelling coming from the back room. With a grousing he got up to tour study what Cass wanted. As he opened the door she was ready for him.

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“Beget was one in support of these traditions.” Jenny replied. “You haven’t heard him talk with reference to his wartime experiences lately, because if you had you would not have said that.”
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“All redress.” Said the larger of the two men. They walked back to the Jaguar and drove off.

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“Just what I said. When we went into the hospital to bring him here we found that he had supposedly been transferred to another hospital. When we checked there we found that he had never reached there, and to confuse matters even more, they were not expecting him. He has disappeared.”
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Even for all that he was scheduled to work, Bill was nowhere to be found.

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Even for all that he was scheduled to work, Bill was nowhere to be found.
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