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“Then you can leave because I can do all of this work on my own!” Claire exclaimed.

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“Yes… it was her idea. Does that worry you?”
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“Yes, it does.” Chris replied, bracing himself.

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“Yes, it does.” Chris replied, bracing himself.
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“Yeah, but so? It hardly means she understands me. There is nothing more than that. She is just a friend.” She looked at Gayle. “I comprehend what you’re asking, and no, there is no one. Not like Chloe.” She ignored Piper and Sandy. They weren’t like Chloe; no one was.

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Butch bit down on my shoulder and groaned as he thrust obdurate up into me. I about I screamed as I climaxed. Butch groaned and grunted into my shoulder as he came. When he finally let walk out of me, I nearly slid down the wall onto the floor, but he caught me and pulled me to him.
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