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“Lily’s fine,” Well off snapped, pushing his way into to house.

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‘It’s concerning time. Show one’s gratitude the Lord the children are too young to read any of it.’
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“The very same. Do you remember that case we were called in on a couple of years ago that tangled the American Trade Attaché in London?”

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“Clara, you’re mine now! Nontechnical tornado courtship! Big stuff here! All mine!”
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We wandered naked into the downstairs bathroom and washed on the double. John looked as whacked as I felt.

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“Colored water. Mixed with whatever distilled extract, or uncarbonated beverage, or non-toxic agent it takes to go places a be friendly them looking right. But water all the in any case…or apple juice, I suppose. It looks a erebus of a lot like fire-water in a crystal glass, doesn’t it?” He shrugged. “These guys come in here and they remit moonshine prices…stupidly steep liquor prices, I might sum…for water and juice. A day cause some non-mafia types come in, order their drinks, spit them out and leave without paying?”
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They plunged into darkness for a not many seconds as they went utterly a tunnel. Within seconds the teetering dry roller coaster pulled them up and down again, crests endlessly alternating with dips. A make a note of later and the ride slowed, the coaster pulling into the spot so the next group of unsuspecting riders could have their turn in hell.

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“I worship you, Randee, I love you so much, I have something to tell you, but I’m a moment ago not sure how to tell you.”
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