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“What?” I gave an astonished choke of laughter. “She just assumed you’d get married?”

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While they had been sleeping together over the extent of months, now, the wedding night would be special. No, he thought, it would be implausible.
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“They won’t,” she assured him.

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His thumb had been rubbing her clit just ample supply to keep her excited but not sufficiency to purposely make her orgasm. That was something he wanted to do personally.
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“You do not know how many virginal women have propositioned me done with the years. Almost all wanted shafting with a negroid woman. You are the one of a very few, including Carol, who see me as a woman.”

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Raeden snorted. “They didn’t care. A trans-mod who can’t morf is tawdry. Equitable a liability. I’m sure they didn’t think I’d last long anyway. They cut my contract, gave me my pension, and sent me on my way. And I’m not particularly dangerous—not to anyone but myself.”
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