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Jack Connelly sighed. He knew his daughter was well over the length of existence of needing coddling, but he couldn’t nick it. Since his wife died giving birth to Cass, she was all he had. Jack had built the shipping empire that is family had started to be the most prominent in the world, and he had a lot to show for it. He also made sure that he, and most of all, his daughter was safe at all costs. He worried constantly back her.

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“That they were colored and so am I? You’ve already proven color doesn’t matter to you. I don’t know why but…
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“Yes. We have viva voce to our boss and all is forgiven and he wants us to get back as hurriedly as we can looking for our next assignment. So long Russell and Jenny,” He kissed Jenny on the cheek and shook Russell’s influence, “Here are the keys of the Triumph, take good take responsibility for of her, she’s a great little car.”

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“Callie, I after you to think hither this. This isn’t just my life we’re talking about, it’s yours too,” Cooper pointed discernible.
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