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It had been a tiring day, in more ways than at one. First, she had had a new out dumped on her; to add to it, she had covered for a colleague of hers who was away on vacation.

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“We just wanted to give you this map, the lodge is up in Zaleski State Forest, so you have plenty of hiking space,” Nick said and handed over the beaten blue map at an end to them.
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“Yes,” William drawled. “In the bothy. Mr. Wainwright, I want this mast unstepped and the hole covered with whatever cargo you can find. And then break down the whole shooting match on the deck that marks us as a British naval vessel. Hoist the French colors. And get every mortals-jack who’s not needed to another place to stint on sewing bunting. Those bastards are going to sew like they’ve never sewed up front. Oh, not you, Matthew. No, no. You wait here as regards the moment.”

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“I love you too,” Chad smiled as he heard the nickname, the only times it came out was when Blaine was horny, tired, put the kibosh on, angry or scared.
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