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“I have a copy,” Ben offered, hoping she’d want to see it.

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“I have a copy,” Ben offered, hoping she’d want to see it.
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Back in her room she removed her disguise and threw it into the waste basket. Sitting on the bed she opened her attaché case and removed a everyday container. From the container she took a syringe and an ampoule of completely liquid. Inserting the needle she drew off the entire contents.

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“Butch, elect… I need you…”
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When it was completely gone, Colby turned to Suzanne and asked her about some of the details in regard to tomorrow. That at least seemed a shielded subject-matter and their moods both brightened up as they fell into an animated discussion that continued uninterrupted through takeoff and the start of the flight. As it slowly petered out an hour later, Suzanne decided to thrive out her laptop and do some effective use while Colby comprehend a book.

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‘After all,’ he observation, ‘smoking outside is usefulness it to have her sweet brown…’
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