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John nodded slowly. “Thanks.” He said again, this time with more sincerity.

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“Good. Well, I need to get going. I faith you feel better. When do you get to clock on back to school? I miss seeing you in turn over hall.”
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“Could be. It seems that when he was spoken to by the police the other day a man driving either this crate or anybody just like it was there too. Was that you?”

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I edged downstairs as quietly as I could, expecting someone to move out at me every step of the way. Now it was deathly unperturbed. My heartbeat was unnaturally loud in my ears.
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“Sweetie, I didn’t possess to but I wanted to. If you mean, it’s lucky that I was the one who fell in relish with you, then I suspect so. I know I’m feeling propitious again,” Colby said. Laying her skull down on Suzanne’s chest, she gave her a embrace. “So very lucky,” she whispered. Already thoughts about what ifs and timelines were fading away, replaced by glimpses of possible futures.

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‘Mom… I need to see her…’
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