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“I’m sorry that I’ve been like this. You are so wonderful. I’m so lucky, and I haven’t shown you how lucky I feel,” Suzanne said. Her voice was warm and unrestricted of get-up-and-go in a way that Colby could scarcely tip hearing before.

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He had experienced from amoral experiences that most people could be vultures when it came to money. He should know, since he had grown up that way and thinking that power and notes could get you anywhere. And it could, as long as all you wanted was more of both. Happiness was a different matter. In dictate to find happiness he needed something else. Something more and he thought he had finally organize that.
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“Lucy, you are teasing me.”

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“Lucy, you are teasing me.”
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“Yes, my love, we are.”

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“Actually I do. They are very nice,” Colby replied. “You are free to keep trying, but I don’t think you will get anywhere. And we incorporate together, so don’t worry about stepping on my toes. I don’t obsolescent co-workers; it’s just a bad outlook.”
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She felt his finger moving on her breast, then her nipple… “Chocolate,” he murmured and put his tongue down on her… licking and bringing it tight and indefatigable.

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‘I think so, you’ll find out again entire day,’ she said smiling.
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