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“Then you can leave because I can do all of this work on my own!” Claire exclaimed.

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“Yes… it was her idea. Does that worry you?”
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“I thought you were going to announce ‘ no,” Chad whispered into his plaits, running his hands through the silky locks, holding onto him like his life depended on it.

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From another room two young women came into the room bearing bowls containing a reddish molten with lumps in it. “We lifted some stuff from the purchase down the road, it’s not much but it’ll do.”
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“Jess had one gehenna of a feast tonight for Danny’s birthday, I’m unswerving she has some leftovers,” Cal said, leading Claire to the dally hall. “Why don’t you set upon e set one’s sights on to my quarters and I’ll make you up a plate,” he added. Claire nodded.

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“You’d take Catherine flying, didn’t you?”
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