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“When do you think that you will be able to find out more?”

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“Anyhow, after seeing you, he’ll have to stock his pantry with Pal by reason of his future dates.”
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She took a sip from the same mug. Scandalous behavior all the way through the country… but not in here, his country, her homeland, their own not for publication country. No damn ill-advised laws, here.

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“We were at…in a store, earlier and I felt like someone was watching me.” Blaine fiddled with the blanket and pulled a blue thread out twirling it between his fingers.
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“I’d like you to jest me,” she said. “It feels like it’s big satisfactorily to stop me. Hmmm? Would you like that? My narrow-minded white ass on my knees choking on this big gloomy dick. Hmm? I’d like that, I invent.”

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“No Daddy, I’m not happy. Remember, I promised you that I wouldn’t be ‘happy’ anymore. And I haven’t been. I’ve kept my promise. You have what you wanted, but don’t ask me that again,” Suzanne said. Her face was a combination of a snarl and stricken. “If I feel, I don’t feigning on it. That’s all I promised too.”
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