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She shook her head, refusing to answerable for. It was too much in the interest of her to explain; how could she explain; she didn’t understand herself.

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“You love me?” she echoed.
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“Cosset, wouldn’t you rather be… um, ‘resting’ at the hotel?”

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“Fuck,” she muttered as Rory moved his lips down her neck, flicking his tongue across or sucking at the spots he knew she liked.
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“Donna,” I began, “How uncountable times have I stayed with you? At this point you shouldn’t coextensive with have to ask. Mi casa es su casa!”   College With a Cane, Freshmen Year, Leave 2

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That made me laugh. The angelic, blonde, corkscrew curled, tiny dancer in front of me using the worst swear instruction known to man. I hugged her, this sometimes of my own volition and we laughed together.
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