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God, it’s substandard enough that I’m Philip Junior, but I unquestionably hate it when people address me as ‘Philip Junior’ as if that’s my celebrity.

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“Okay,” Piper told her. She hugged Suzanne again. When she relaxed the hug, she twisted her body a little.
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“Well it seems that she met a ‘absolutely hot’ guy named Marc on Saturday. Apparently he’s Annie’s twin brother. Annie’s model name was Montgomery wasn’t it?”

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I love you, Jimmy. I want to slog with you at my side… as my lover.”
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“Caroline, abate me state you first that you did no such thing. I could see how unhappy those harridans had made you. The only one who seemed to be enjoying herself was Lucy.”

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I dug my heels into the backs of his legs. Being half naked basically out in the open had me ready to cum at a instant’s notice. My balls were already pulling up, tightening.
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When both of their eyes flicked exceeding at Colby, Suzanne realized she had to say something. “This is my friend, Colby. She’s been attractive care of me the last few days.” She looked over at Colby. Perchance Suzanne forgot that she already told her who Gayle was, but she felt compelled to allege it again. “This is Gayle, Chloe’s mom.”

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“No!” BillyBob tried to get to his feet. “This is diabolical!”
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