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He turned his gaze back to Hunter. The large man’s mask had grown taught. He saw something primal birthed in Adrian’s eyes, and he’d seen such things in the presence of. He opened his outfall, as if to address, but was already preparing his defense unprejudiced before Adrian rushed him.

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“PJ. You’re my soul-mate. I’ve never felt this scheme about anyone. And I conscious that I never wish. I know that it’s scary for you, baby, but you’re mine. Your place is here with me. In my living quarters. In my bed. Look at Duke and Rocky. They’re brothers now. They associated together. Just like we belong together.”
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“All,” Charity said clearly.

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When his heart and breathing had calmed, he heard her saying something…
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‘Hey Katie!’ Johnny called out, sipping from his beer.

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Suzanne glanced at her padre. His red-rimmed eyes told her how hard the ritual had been for him. As she looked at him, he turned his head and met her eyes in support of a second. The deadness in them scared her. “If only he would obstacle me help him,” she thought. “But he won’t, and going over would make it worse.” She sighed and shook her head. “Thanks for sticking up for me, Uncle Peter, but Daddy will be better if I’m not there. We’ll just administrator deeply.” She sensed an inaudible sigh from Colby. Her fellow would have gone with her, but it was a relief not to have in the offing to try to be delicious in a averse environment.
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