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“Finally up first noon, I see.”

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Talking from the other side of the line… James continued writing down the information from the ticket agent.
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Even in the dense light, Sandy could see Suzanne’s eyes twinkling. “Well, obviously there was something about you that made me try,” she told Suzanne. Both of them swiveled their barstools so they were facing each other. Suzanne’s long legs bumped into Sandy’s. With a little chuckle, Sandy put her hands on Suzanne’s knees and pushed them astray enough that her own legs could fit between them. “Much heartier,” she murmured. While one hand picked up her window-pane, the other one stayed on Suzanne’s knee.

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“Fountain, that’s not how you acted last night, clinging to me like I was some teddy bear.” MY teddy bear.
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“This is just advice? Solely an hour?”

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The Mad Dog was smiling down at him, hands tucked deep in his pockets. Next to him, Ella was wrapped in a tall trench.
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“It’s okay.” He reached well-advanced, cupping my cheek in his turn over submit. “I’m actually grateful they did what they did. It was the boot up the rear I needed. It made me completely rethink my life–what I was doing, where I was headed, why I was doing what I was doing. I was training to be a surgeon, for hereafter’s sake. To conserve lives, not stuff them up.”

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If you are looking after a quick fuck story, this isn’t it. It’s a love story with unambiguous sensuality. It takes a while to develop, but if you stick with it, you will find rewards. And don’t get all weird about the word “crippled.” It is pass√©, but that is the suggestion India uses to traverse her condition.
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