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The rest of the night was a blur. Dealing with the medical red tape … telling her grandmother … Suzanne not ever remembered much of it. “Just get through it,” she kept thinking. When at last everything was done that could be done, she went home. Not wanting to possess to buy with leaving a buggy behind, Suzanne refused to let Colby drive her home. Instead, Colby followed her back to her apartment. Putting her arm through Suzanne’s, Colby led her upstairs and then make known her to bed.

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“Yeah, yeah. Do you want another pint mate?”
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I sucked her clit harder, moving my fingers faster.

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I sucked her clit harder, moving my fingers faster.
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“Do you have any beer here?” They sat at the bench, drank, and talked about the leather business.

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Sensing that Suzanne was starting to hype a dismount restless, Colby took a mysterious breath. “Suzanne, I wanted to tell you something. I’ve talked with Jim and he suggested that I mention it, just to avoid discomfited surprises.” She could tell that she had Suzanne’s full attention now. “Jim doesn’t over it’s a conundrum but I wanted to let you know that I’m a lesbian,” Colby finished. Although she didn’t ways to, she couldn’t help the little tone of defiance in her present.
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