happy valentine day greetings

‘Shhh… Don’t talk,’ he said, and placed his mouth over mine.

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“I’m sorry for your loss,” the Captain said to Em referring to her mother as they stood by the grave.
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I reach out of the closet and cope to lightly grab his hand in the past he escaped. He stops abruptly, but doesn’t t turn to face me. Through his index, I can feel his whole body quivering.

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“So I told myself that the little things I’d started not to like about him didn’t substance. You know, things like not coming home when he said he would, going loophole with his mates when we were required to be going out, forgetting anniversaries…” I trailed off, realising that the more I told Luke, the bigger fool I was beginning to sound. “Stupid.”
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“Yes they do but they are under instructions not to ask too many questions.”

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“What exactly WAS Junior doing?” His put into words started to register his frustration. The children around the table knew that John was about to lose his fury. They had no more than see him get that fatuous twice and not for at least three years. Whatever was bothering him was prominent, that they knew, and wondered why their visitor wasn’t telling him what his Junior had been doing.
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