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Yes. The air was hot and grey. It irritated the eyes and was dangerous to the throat and lungs. Adrian had to suppress a cough himself. So it wasn’t his vision that had gone blurry. It was the strong goddamn world.

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“Mr. Ewart, wait, your hand needs some staff. Joey, wheedle some ice from the meat department. Push up!”
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They plunged into darkness for a not many seconds as they went utterly a tunnel. Within seconds the teetering dry roller coaster pulled them up and down again, crests endlessly alternating with dips. A make a note of later and the ride slowed, the coaster pulling into the spot so the next group of unsuspecting riders could have their turn in hell.

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“I worship you, Randee, I love you so much, I have something to tell you, but I’m a moment ago not sure how to tell you.”
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