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“I don’t mean to be insecure, but…”

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“So how does it work? I mean, normally you just think, ‘Okay, lizard form now,’ and voila? How long does it take to morf?”
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“It’s you,” he babbled, lips unattached and pupils dilated. “All that shit relative to not remembering. All that shit,” he swayed on his feet, coughing, and moved toward her. “Who did you belong to, you bitch? Who owned you that wants you back?” He staggered flip. “You knew what you were doing. Turned my own barman against me, even. Well, let me disbosom oneself you, it won’t stuff. You differentiate why? I’ve got fucking Chicago at my back. The goddamn Messenger. The Mad Dog.” He picked up the wooden club again, and hacked a thick cough. “Nobody fucks with Chicago. Nothing fucks with Hunter. Oh, you fucking shrew. Come and get what you’ve earned!”

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“Around you being her father.”
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“Not at all. It’s an unhappy coincident. Besides, I thought it was appropriate for us to share a room redress second. We’re supposed to talk into people that it’s a thrilled marriage. We can’t sleep in detached bedrooms.”

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I looked at our hands on the ball in front of me, and how they were slightly brushing.
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