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“Let me up, you coward, and I will fight you.” Jonathan Digby sneered as best as he could manage from his seat against the stockade drive crazy.

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“Abstinence. We could always not make love.”
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“You only had it this morning. Wait until tonight,”

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“A private one,” Blaine whispered his cheeks flushing pink as he pulled another thread from the blanket.
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“Me neither.” He pulled backwards to look at her. “I know I haven’t been a good cur‚, Lili. I’ve been careless and inattentive, but I would on no account do what she did. I would like to be able to prove it to you and be your father again if you’ll hindrance me.” Lili smiled through her tears. “Of orbit. It might take me a teeny while to trust you again, but I’ll be trying.”

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“I also have a good deal to ship. Are you skilful to handle that with this ship or can you arrange for another?”
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