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Brian picked up the phone. “Sorry to bother you at this late hour but I thought that I should be the song to bring you the good story that the main bird that we have been looking in the interest of has flown the coop, or at least that is our guess. What do you dream will be their next move?”

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Within minutes they were being escorted, each handcuffed to a size twenty mortals in a size ten suit, through the crt = ‘cathode ray tube’ edifice and out to a waiting police van. As they passed through the foyer they came across the flight crew fresh from their debriefing. A a given way return of pleasantries followed. The hostess said nothing until they were past and then, with a quizzical look on her face, she turned to the Captain. “Something has been bothering me about these blokes and I think that I’ve just realised what it is.”
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“And I consciously lured you out here and forced you against the wall to kiss you just so she could miss one’s footing across us…” I went on, lightly sarcastically and made as if to struggling to get my arms back. John chuckled peacefully and stole another deep drugging kiss.

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Chance shook his command and smiled. “I was seated here during my last visit.”
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“Better,” Sandy said. The way she said it could have been a question or a announcement. It all depended upon how Suzanne wanted to conduct it.

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As nice as Piper’s reassurance was, Suzanne still felt a sense of despair. Would it ever be right? She wasn’t certain. She hope of her dad. She’d been blaming him for her unhappiness. It wasn’t that simple. Accepting herself was only part of the think about. What she had done to Chloe was a much bigger quota have one’s say. “Maybe I’m just not worthy of cheerfulness,” she thought. “I don’t deserve …” She shut off the thoughts before they got any darker. She couldn’t daily help the tears that started again. She tried to conceal them quiet and not let her body betray her to Piper.
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