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‘How wet are you?’ she asked, placing her hand in between my thighs and running her fingers including my folds.

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‘That’s better,’ she said, moving the hair far-off of my eyes and pressing a kiss to my lips.
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I heard my sister’s shocked voice but couldn’t consult with where she was, Daniel’s hand momentous so tightly against my windpipe, everything was going black. “And I loved you, not her–not Janine. I just didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have the money to support them by myself, Becca–“

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“No,” she cried weakly, ineffectively fatiguing to fend him out with her hands. She was no candidate as a service to his obsessive rage. He effortlessly tore the shift down the show, exposing her breasts, her stomach, and, just above the end of the tear, the thick brown pubic hair between her thighs.
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“I know, it’s not good, but hopefully we can avow surprise on our side.”

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“I know, it’s not good, but hopefully we can avow surprise on our side.”
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