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“I don’t like leather.” Blaine shook his head as he stood up, his wonderfully spiked hair bobbing as he did.

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He made one matrix turn and he was home.
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“Eliza, does it bother you I’m sleeping with Bethany?” It had to draw nigh out into the open some forthwith, might as well be conditions, he thought.

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Caroline heard one decisive explosion, which she took to be the last of the fireworks.
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Caroline looked at Lucy’s brutal glare and burst into laughter.

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I own to decidedly again thank SoCalCynic for editing this thing. He puts up with my ramblings and my cross writing habits, so he deserves lots of free booze and cookies, should you guys ever run across him. Thanks again, Cynic, for making me feel like a better writer than I actually am.
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