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“Yeah, actually,” I said, tossing her my cane to play with. “I’ve used those kinds your Grandpa uses, in particulars, I have a only one of that kind here for loyal occasions, but that feather is my favorite. It’s much more satisfied on my hand, arm, shoulder and even both legs when I use it. You’d be surprised how much something like adding a shock-absorber to a cane can make a difference.”

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Blaine stripped his clothes and stepped into the drop, the cool water calming his nerves. He spotted the razor in his bag and nibbled his bottom lip as he stared down at his cock. Quickly making his decision he proceeded.
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They entered his office together, and sure enough, there were the promised documents on his desk. Rowan was sitting there, waiting for them.

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“There he is!” She giggles, as she slowly strokes me, until the first drops of precum starts oozing gone from.
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“Ok, let’s see what we can do.”

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Eliza laughed as Bethany dropped her cup and splashed coffee all over the table. She jumped up and away from her chair.
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