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“If you’re working, I’m working,” Colby told her again. “I’m fine, absolutely, or at least I was. I’m bushed rarely!”

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“Fine. I’ll undertake that one there and this one over here.”
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The cooking area of the room was also in the same condition as the rest of the place. There were cans with some of the contents still remaining in them, bottles half filled with stale milk and containers that had once contained hamburgers and other put away foods.

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It did not take long to light upon Piper’s motor car. Colby got in the back behind Piper since Suzanne needed more legroom. From her position, Colby could easily see Suzanne’s profile, still Suzanne couldn’t really see her. Since her focus was on Piper, Colby could observe her without notice. In the saloon, it was easy to pay notice to whoever was with her and to ignore what was current on with Suzanne. Even when Piper brought it up, Colby managed to brush it away. It was harder now to see the request on Suzanne’s face and know it wouldn’t ever be for her. “This is elevated for her and I am just a friend,” she tried to foresee herself. The words were true; she couldn’t deny that. As she looked at Suzanne’s pretty intimidate, she also couldn’t deny that deep down there was another truth.
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