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“What?” Colby said as she struggled to stop the tears. It was hard after holding back her emotions looking for so long.

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William paused, his scratch poised above the inkwell as he wondered just how much of the manoeuvre de guerre he should put in the official culture. Word of what had happened would quickly circulate throughout Portsmouth, where they would presently make port, and would after all find its in the way of to the Admiralty. That would be adequate, he thought, recalling the events of that particular day with a broad smile on his right side.
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“If last night was any indication of what to expect, I’ll sign up for it in a heartbeat. Mess is, we’ve got a houseguest here and after yesterday’s little disappearance during dinner… well, a woman is getting embarrassed on all sides of here when she’s near you… I’m so sore, Jimmy, you’re accepted to tease to help me get around.” She laughed.

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Afterwards we washed up – I’d wanted to leave it during later, but John insisted he helped now and I kind of liked that he did.
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“Where are you going?”

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“Where are you going?”
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Suzanne’s laughter slowly died off. “At least she accepts you and supports you, even if in bizarre ways.” Colby could almost view the dismal cloud descending on Suzanne. “Not everyone is so lucky,” Suzanne said quietly.

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“See sorrowful about that. I can’t explain how that happened but let me get you a new one. How much was it?”
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