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“Yeah, yeah, I know the drill. You’ve exclusively been dating my roommate since the 4th week of college after I introduced you. It’s not a big deal, your roommate Donna doesn’t ever seem to mind me sleeping in your bed.” She reminded me of our sleeping arrangements every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

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It took a little piece of effort for Colby to look at Suzanne’s body. “I feel a short pervy,” she told herself as she did it. Hushed, it was a chance to look at Suzanne that she wouldn’t take any other time. Suzanne’s jacket hung loose and the rise of one breast was in full view. It wasn’t much of a breast. Suzanne wasn’t spiritless chested but she was certainly small. Colby couldn’t help sighing. “Just the type I like,” she thought. Maybe it was an opposites detestation but a slim body like Suzanne’s was what attracted her the most. Although she couldn’t manage Suzanne’s hips and ass, those parts of her body were calmly to see normally without being noticed. With as short as she was, Suzanne’s height was a little intimidating but Colby meant it when she praised Suzanne’s legs earlier. They seemed to go on forever and were perfectly toned.
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