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“C’mon with me kid,” I heard Artless say as he backed away from the table and quickly pulled his cock from my gaping mouth. I crawled out from under the control of the table and followed him out of the nautical galley to one of the spare rooms mouldy the hallway. The room was install up as a combination guest space/study with a double bed and a large desk containing their computer. As I followed Innocent into the room, I noticed the computer was running and could see some text meet across the over-sized follow. Unrestricted reached from and pulled the large leather desk chair back from the computer.

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The baking cornbread was almost done when Eliza’s cherry pie was ready for the oven. The break to really cook had unleashed within her a passion for the kitchen.
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He wondered who would absolutely agree to this. Quickly, something struck him. He pushed his head of the table and leaned servants’ in his chair to study the dame sitting before him. She was attractive, he decided. Bright, laughing fresh eyes, a chubby facing, pint-sized nose and a generous mouth. She was a trifle overweight, but it suited her. However, what appealed to him most was the sincerity in those eyes. He made his decision.

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“All the better,” was Charity’s return.
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“You do not know how many virginal women have propositioned me done with the years. Almost all wanted shafting with a negroid woman. You are the one of a very few, including Carol, who see me as a woman.”

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Raeden snorted. “They didn’t care. A trans-mod who can’t morf is tawdry. Equitable a liability. I’m sure they didn’t think I’d last long anyway. They cut my contract, gave me my pension, and sent me on my way. And I’m not particularly dangerous—not to anyone but myself.”
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