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I nodded slowly. What else would I ask?

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“Yesssss!” Suzanne whimpered in a low voice. When Colby ran her tongue around it, she did it again, only longer. Cranny her mouth a little, Colby scraped her lower incisors against it. Suzanne could feel each little bump as her lover dragged her teeth against the sensitive nub. “Fuck … fuck … fuck,” Suzanne said without precise knowing she did it.
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“You’ll like it. Come here,” he said as he helped her turn over and placed her feet where he wanted them before pulling her cunt toward his head to head again.

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“I await that you and Jenny won’t be there.”
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Stepping forward, Suzanne ignored the music as she advance a manual labourer behind Piper’s neck and pulled her into a kiss. There was no pretense of dancing. Piper’s hands went around Suzanne’s waist as Piper lifted up on her tiptoes to deepen the kiss with the taller woman. Her mouth opened to accept Suzanne’s probing creole, and then sucked on it as Suzanne slowly fucked her mouth. Once again, Piper felt her hips press forward against Suzanne. She couldn’t remember making the decision to do it. Her hips seemed to have a mind of their own.

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She turned around to look at me, standing in the doorway.
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