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“No,” she told him, wagging a finger at him as he pulled his hands back to his side. “You will just do as you’re told, naughty Sir Edward.”

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I shall return to England shortly, and I should very much like to call upon you. If that is in anyway objectionable to you, gladden discontinue word for me at my club, The Elm. Otherwise, I shall look forward to renewing our acquaintance on my return and end this letter as
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“Could you make us some tea please, Lucy? I engage it from your revert, Sir Edward, that you have more to tell me?”

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Blaine finally looked up and grinned shyly.
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“No, he won’t!” Em said emphatically. “If he does then he wasn’t the right one for you anyway.”

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Jill watched Rory unwind himself from the driver’s side of the wheels, suppress somewhat in shock by all of the day’s revelations.
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