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“Yes,” Suzanne whispered.

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“Thank God for Eliza. She has brought happiness to this house and made it a home, again.
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“Goddamn fucking…” he trailed unsatisfactory, face melting from fad to slack confusion. “Smoke,” he grumbled. Then he sniffed, and looked bewilderedly at Ella. “Smoke! Why the fuck is there SMOKE?!” He rushed toward the door, stumbling a bit as he did so. “Smoke!” he screamed again, throwing the door wide to reveal a hallway filled with a slight greying haze. “No!” he moved forward, at most to jerk back as a loud, clipped noise thundered in air. “Gaah!” Hunter clutched at his formerly larboard arm, pulling his hand away for a few moments to reveal dark and expanding red. Swaying on his feet, he leaned out and fired a single return shot into the sightless growing grey, then swung in times past into the room, dropping the gun and turning mindlessly furious eyes on Ella’s frightened nature.

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He was still holding my hand as we walked on to the Cardiac Intensive Care Segment, Caitlin’s eyes widening when we arrived in my take care of’s office. “Hi,” she said, not quite managing to cover her surprise as she stared at me and then Luke, her welcoming smile a little too brilliant. “I was just giving away the whole show Gillie that I thought you’d be here shortly.”
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“Come here Chris,” his initiate called, his voice laced with pain. Chris made his way to his father’s bedside and knelt down, taking his father’s hand in his.

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She knew he liked her. She knew he cared to go to her. But, she wondered, did he care for her that way? Did he care for her enough, that way? Would he ever care payment her that way?
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