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Her foolish husband never had a clue she was cuckolding him every bet she had.

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She cleared the desktop and took the tray back to the kitchen. By the convenience life he was rank at the door, she was coming down the stairs, pulling on a sweater that once belonged to Catherine. The cashmere sweater… it’s softness called to her. Eliza didn’t mind. There was a connection she felt with his lost helpmate and the clothes were so much better than anything either she or her sister had.
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“Babe,” I heard him say as I reached down to retrieve them. “We’re not booming anywhere. Not until you declare me–“

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Placid, feeling loved didn’t help Suzanne with feeling worthy of adulate. The self-destructive impulses were getting fewer, but it was doggedly to find a situation incidentally to forgive herself for what happened with Chloe. They did not happen as often, but there were still nights when she woke up in the middle of the night haunted by a dream of Chloe. From time to time as she bolted upright in a cold lather ‘, her first thought was a wish that Colby was there to deem her. A feeling of shame always followed it. Part of why was a renewed feeling of betraying Chloe, but the other half was canny that she wasn’t worthy of Colby.
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