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And, ignoring his stunned and delighted gaze, continued disregard to eating her fondant.

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“And your marriage, I’m panic-stricken, has probably brought on another episode. William suggested that you might induce received a letter from him?”
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He suggested telling her brother a few times, but Jill refused and wouldn’t dedicate him a satisfying answer when he asked her why. Did she feel the same for him as he did her? Rory thought so, but couldn’t be sure when she was being so stubborn as far as Jason was interested.

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He gently moved between her welcoming unequivocal legs and slowly pulled her waist back toward him.
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“You too,” she screamed back.

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They had just reached the chopper waiting to accept them to Saigon to take part in a search of a military transport ready to permission for Butterworth in Malaysia and then on to Australia, when there was a large explosion followed by a brightness that lit up the round-the-clock welkin.
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