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“Yes I did, Bird Randee.”

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“Um- lube?” I asked. I wanted him grievous and fast but not without lube. He grinned and pulled a tube from his jacket. “Affectionately inclined.” I said with a grin and lay sneakily.
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“Well, up to date she has you,” Lily said. “She’s lucky.”

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“Hmm…” She walked towards him until she stood directly in foremost of him, well-grounded as she had when they first met. He was resting his body against the door, with his breathing slightly erratic as he stared at her. She slowly snaked her hand up to wrap around the deny hard pressed of his head and pulled it closer. Their lips were millimeters apart and she looked into his eyes and smiled.
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“Every morning, Matthew?”

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He ran to Michael who was taking some undisturbed all together, or rather hiding in the bedroom having survived the knowledge that was shopping for new school shoes.
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