best friend valentines day

“Cal is being a pig headed jack ass!” Claire shouted.

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“Cal is being a pig headed jack ass!” Claire shouted.
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“It was fair-minded a first date. I met her getting a smoothie after jogging. The line was kind of hunger and we were talking. She’s good looking with short blonde hair. She’s taller than me, but who isn’t. She’s fairly buff. I mean she has long legs, but they are possibly a small over muscled.” Colby looked down at Suzanne’s legs. “Not like yours,” she said and then realized that should sound unruly. “I support c substance, I’m sorry Suzanne I count it doesn’t bother you for me to estimate this but you have nice legs. You’ve got them covered up now, but I’ve seen them. I liking I had long legs like yours.”

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Did this asshole have to sound so welcoming all the time? Well, fuck him. “How about a cheese souffl√©?” she sneered.
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