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“So you must find me a little attractive.”

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“Oh sweetie, you don’t have anything to regretful for. You are the one owed an apology,” Colby told her. Pulling out one of the handkerchiefs she brought along, Colby wiped around Suzanne’s face dejected. “Are you done or is there more?” Her well done eyes were full of concern.
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“Offer you, as a result of you, thank you! This is a fantasy come true, I don’t recall how to repay you!”

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Duke ran up to Butch and let commission a quiet whine. Butch looked down at him and asked, “You gotta go outside, Duke?”
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The solitary answer Bethany Rose gave her sister was a disinclined smile, her imagination filling the gaps in her life… an impossible life… unless she was avid to be his mistress. Was she? That was the question. Bethany Rose knew Eliza already thought she was sleeping with James and she decided to let her find credible it. It was easier than trying to deny it.

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“So, he can apply as a remedy for his contract to be terminated,” Caitlin told her friend.
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“No you berk, the car.”

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He cocked an eyebrow at the boyish officer, who was making sure that he had applied adequate polish to his shoes that morning.
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