14 feb valentines day

“Oh Ben,” she said silently.

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“I hate to keep repeating myself, Tell no-one but I don’t want to see him or hear about him and I most definitely don’t want to talk to him. Rarely content stop.” Her voice became harsh as her irritation increased. “If you can’t drop the liegeman I’ll stop talking to you. Now — enough!”
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“You’ll boon out-dated. Do you want it the easy advancing or the hard way?” Patrick asked.

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As they walked down the corridor Jenny was booming in musing. “Did you mean what you said back there about not looking on women as a sexual question?”
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“You’re a siren,” Scott said with wonder in his organ. “You can make me crumble so quickly it’s touchy.”

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Roberts pushed his way to the two men, “I heard you say that you saw a motor vehicle snooping around here the evening before the blast, can you tell me more to it?”
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“Who do you have in mind as my replacement?”

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“…two colored men four years ago.”
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