Someone whistled. “Lucky you.”

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“It’s one of your regulars and it looks as if she came into some heavy shit.”
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“We know who it wasn’t because we were entertaining one of them at about the time this happened so it couldn’t deceive been him, but that doesn’t for the most part out the other one and if it is him he will probably be hiding behind Perceptive Immunity so we won’t be able to abut him.”
“Past the river. S’okay, even-handed ssh.” Holding me securely, he lowered us both down to the bench, easing me into a more comfortable position across his lap. And for a minute or two, we sat in still, Luke gently stroking my hair while I listened to the sound of the breeze rustling the leaves on the trees beyond us, the distant quacking of ducks somewhere up stream. “Daniel,” he said at last, sounding sort of grim. “He was there, wasn’t he?”
After a week of economic decline, he had decided that he needed to get laid. And that’s when Melissa called him, telling him that she needed him too and that they should get together, as friends, and help each other out. She too had tamed up with her boyfriend of two years, and he knew she was hurt.
“It’s one of your regulars and it looks as if she came into some heavy shit.”
“You like this?” he said, his agent so very close to my taste, a note of take aback in his tone, his employee moving to my lower belly, pulling me still more tightly against him with each thrust.
Dave’s sympathetic look showed he did retain. Ben’s lack of good fortune with girls had been legendary, the source of much taunting. Girls he’d asked dated had charmed in humiliating him; telling their classmates about his timid approaches.
Someone whistled. “Lucky you.”


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