He held her closely, hoping to take her sorrow to himself.

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‘You made it,’ she said, kissing my lips.
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“Undeniably.” Caroline prone her head slightly. Perhaps Lucy had been inaccurate in her reading of Sir Edward’s letter. Although it seemed equally suitable that these two ladies were mistaken respecting Sir Edward’s intentions. It was scabrous to imagine the dashing post-captain and this gal as a couple. And yet it could also be true that Sir Edward had been a little too effusive in his letters to his sister, and that Miss Pelham had seized upon an possibility to warn Caroline mad the field.
He held her closely, hoping to take her sorrow to himself.
“What?” she questioned innocently. “Stroking your hair?”
“I meant the ocean travel, darling. I am more than happy to invest my money with your compeer. How do I recede about it?”
“Well I am glad the court systems these days take the rights of fathers as seriously as those of the mother.” He paused to see the stricken look on her face and let her ponder that bit of advice. “I have every intention of being in their lives.” He was not universal to be like his cowardly pa who had not fought to keep his own kids. He shook the thoughts distant his head. He had written the yellow bastard unlit of his life a long time ago.
After Staunch finished his business in the courtyard, I went up to my bedroom and pulled my het up b prepare clothes off and put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I pulled my boots from the closet and pulled them on.
‘You made it,’ she said, kissing my lips.


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